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 Parent Directory       02-May-09 22:24      -  
 APPLE.DTA              04-May-09 12:56    25K  application/octet-stream
 CEOSAL1.DTA            04-May-09 13:00     7K  application/octet-stream
 ceosal1.xls            04-May-09 13:04    39K  application/octet-stream
 CEOSAL2.DTA            04-May-09 13:00     7K  application/octet-stream
 ceosal2.xls            04-May-09 13:04    44K  application/octet-stream
 final382fall2008.doc   02-May-09 22:42    58K  application/msword
 gpa2.dta               04-May-09 12:55   139K  application/octet-stream
 hw5spring2009.doc      02-May-09 22:50    40K  application/msword
 lab5spring2007.doc     04-May-09 12:55    26K  application/msword
 project.doc            04-May-09 12:58    39K  application/msword
 project.log            04-May-09 13:05     3K  application/octet-stream
 wage2dummy.dta         02-May-09 22:38    24K  application/octet-stream
 wage2dummy.xls         02-May-09 22:41   108K  application/octet-stream