QC Economics

Graduate Courses

ECON703: Price and Distribution Theory
2 hr. plus conference; 3 credits

One-semester course in microeconomic theory.

ECON705: Mathematical Economics
3 credits

An introduction to applications of mathematics to economic theory and problems. Illustrations are drawn from linear programming, theory of games, and difference equations.
Prerequisites: A one-semester course in differential calculus and a course in price theory; and either graduate matriculation or permission of the Chair

ECON711: Money and Capital Markets
2 hr. plus conference; 3 credits

Examination of the sources and uses of funds in financial markets; market structure of interest rates; flow-of-funds analysis.

ECON715: Corporate Finance
2 hr. plus conference; 3 credits

The theory of investor and firm behavior in financial markets under uncertainty. Among the topics discussed are portfolio theory, the capital asset pricing model, arbitrage pricing theory, asset valuation theory, and optimum firm decision-making rules with regard to capital budgeting, capital structure, and dividend policy.
Prerequisites: Economics 241 or equivalent

ECON721: Econometrics
2 hr. plus conference; 3 credits

Analysis of the classic single equation regression models (simple and multiple), simultaneous equation models, and special problems associated with time series and qualitative data.
Prerequisites: One semester of calculus and Economics 249 or equivalent

ECON726: Introduction to Operations Research