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Computer Science Courses

CSCI018: CSCI048, "Spreadsheet Programming" is replacing CSCI018, "Computing for Business" in the BBA curriculum
2 lec., 2 lab. hr.; 3 credits

Fundamentals of using the operating system and application software. Business-oriented uses of software applications including: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and database management. Emphasis on realistic situations and problem solving strategies used in business. An important part of the course is a research project/presentation of topics involving current issues arising from the use of computer technology in a business environment. Some sections will be limited to those admitted to the major in business administration, and others will be limited to those admitted to the minor in Business and Liberal Arts (BALA).
Sample Syllabus,

CSCI048: Spreasheet Programming
2 lec., 2 lab. hr.; 3 credits

In-depth introduction to spreadsheets as an effective tool for the organization, processing, and analysis of numerical information in such areas as business, finance, engineering, natural and social sciences. Topics include: basic cell operation, text manipulation, formulas, functions, arrays, circular references, charting techniques, pivot tables, conditional formatting, and VBA programming.
Prerequisites: one Math course numbered 110 or higher