QC Economics
We emphasize top level research and quality teaching. Our faculty come from leading graduate schools and have published in some of the top journals in economics. The last few years have been particularly exciting as we have increased our hiring and expanded our course offerings.

We offer a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and a Masters of Science in Risk Management. Students who have graduated from these programs have gone on to distinguish themselves in business, elite graduate and law schools, and government service.

You can access some of our working papers on RePEc.

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The American Economics Association has launched an informational video entitled "A career in Economics . . . it's much more than you think." This 9-minute film is aimed at anyone who may be investigating economics as a career option but are unclear how broadly a degree in economics can be applied. Available free at the AEA website and on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/135871291.

Business Advisory Board, Student Mentoring Event, Friday, May 6, 2016

Students visit Moody's, April 2016, Morgan Stanley, May2016

Trading Competition Spring 2016

The Economics & Business Club, through its Trading & Investing Initiative, created a trading competition this spring with the supervision of a faculty advisor Luc Marest. It was coordinated by the Department of Economics, the Department of Social Science and the Center for Teaching & Learning. The sponsor was Len Schutzman.

The Initiative created an educational program that allows students to apply in the real world the theory they learned in class. The Initiative developed three activities: a trading competition, trading classes and Bloomberg classes.

The trading competition took place in April for two weeks, and had 87 students who participated, not only from the economics department but also from other department even if we didn't advertise massively.

The students were actively looking for profitable strategies ranging from fundamental research to pure technical analysis. For example, the winners explained that they were looking for volatile stocks that showed specific volume activities after a certain rise of the price, and then shorted the stock. Others were looking for undervalued stocks and then examined valuation. Some were searching for sector allocation, choosing sectors that were supposed to be move more actively than others because of the current stage of the business cycle.

First place: Wilson Holliday with a 62% return, major in Economics, $1,100 money prize
Second place: Ben Tal with a 38% return, major in BBA Finance, minor in Economics, $600 money prize
Third place: Jeffrey Hayward with a 35% return, major in BBA Actuary, $300 money prize

It has been a great motivating experience; students learn a lot not only about theory but mainly about the reality of the markets, how to find and use data, how it can be difficult to implement a strategy and how it can be complex.

To help the students to set up strategies, the Initiative created trading classes. Four classes were organized and taught by faculty members. The topics were trading principle, fundamental strategies, technical analysis and derivatives.

Finally, the Initiative created Bloomberg classes to help students to get data from Bloomberg. The use of data and software programs that provide indicators are determinant for the students to select securities and create strategies.

Professor Mitchell's New Book
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Professor Karl Mitchell authored a new book, Afrika's Struggle: His Experiential Journey. In the book, Professor Mitchell tells the story of a young boy, taken from Africa as a slave in the 18th century, who becomes a world leader in spite of the many rivers to cross...to freedom. It is a book that was developed from a short story as an assignment when he was 15 years of age. You may visit his website, www.karl-mitchell.com for further information on his book. Professor Mitchell was recently invited to discuss the book at Harvard University.